1 comment for “Medicare Alphabet Soup

  1. Gerry
    August 28, 2016 at 12:03 pm

    My wife and I are thinking of moving to Arizona from Connecticut within the next year or so (sayonara high taxes!) We currently buy a private health insurance plan (through our own company) from UnitedHealth. We were wondering if I can switch to Medicare when the time comes (will turn 65 in about 18 months) without paying higher out of pocket costs for a specialty prescription of Humira (very expensive) or if I should stay as long as possible (i.e. well past age 65) on our private plan for which the monthly premiums are quite high at around $800, but the coverage is very good at least for now (prescription co-pay of $35 on my monthly refill of Humira for example, without coverage actual drug refill cost would be over $3,500 per month, i.e. totally prohibitive). Any thoughts? Or instructive experiences of your other readers or clients that have faced this situation or similar? All insights are much appreciated. Thanks

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