Help with Medicare Costs

Here are the 2020 income limits for the Medicare Savings Program:


  • Individual monthly income limit:
  • $1,456   (includes $20 “income disregard”)
  • Married couple monthly income limit
  • $1,960   (includes $20 “income disregard”

FOR QI: The state will pay a person’s Part B premium.


  • Individual monthly income limit
  • $1,084   (includes $20 “income disregard”)
  • Married couple monthly income limit
  • $1,457  (includes $20 “income disregard”)

FOR QMB: The state will pay:
Part A premiums
Part B premiums
Deductibles, coinsurance, and co-payments for medical care

In Arizona, people who qualify for QMB help are assigned a health plan by AHCCCS (Arizona Medicaid – pronounced “access”). That health plan will pay a person’s co-pays for doctor visits, labs, and hospital stays and other medical services.

People who qualify for QMB help can enroll in a Medicare Advantage plan that provides benefits that are not normally covered by Medicare such as, dental, hearing aids, glasses, and even a free gym membership.

For information on how to get this help, or how to get a “dual eligible” Medicare Advantage plan, call or email me.  520-820-8639

Income limits for this help are updated in April each yar.

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